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Jarvis Cocker Five demons - Top 100 Songs

Hard to believe, but today chotyryokomu charismatic British Jarvis Cocker turned 50. Dzharvic and Pulp - one of the main symbols of Britpop. If you are unsure hits «Disco 2000» and «Common People», hardly can consider themselves the advanced interesting top songs of 2017.

Special material prepared for the anniversary Tatiana flank Cocker - a great admirer of the works of Jarvis, who in '15 was waiting to speak Pulp in 2011, the festival Reading, her dream came true.

For the average Briton Jarvis Cocker has long ceased to be associated only with the interesting top songs of 2017, and his face could easily get to any pages of newspapers. The question is: what creatures live musicians and force it to be the way we worship for many years? We tried to answer this question.

Demon 1 . Music

"To be honest, I wanted to become an astronaut and a pop star. I can not imagine how I was going to combine the two careers. "

His group Arabacus Pulp Jarvis created in fifteen years. To become known komandi had to repeatedly change the composition and shorten it to Pulp. The band was founded until 1978, but until the real success - the album nomination for Mercury Music Prize - will be held for 16 years.

Pulp was not always so, as music fans know him. Playing in the styles of post-punk and the "new wave" Jarvis described the course of his work as a "transition between Abba and The Fall». In the first three albums - «It», «Freaks» and «Separations» - musicians experimented. They lacked ordering some tracks sounded too eclectic. At the same time were unsuccessful and concerts Pulp, during one of which even held a revolt of dissatisfied students.

Despite this, the band managed to sign a contract with Fire Records. Subsequently, Jarvis admitted that the Fire were the only ones who would deal with them. Soon after musician got involved in another accident, fell out of the window, trying to impress a girl. Being in a wheelchair, Jarvis continued to give concerts. Rescue team could only fundamental changes.

In the wake of the popularity of Britpop emerged updated Pulp. They finally okreslylyvsya style and band together with Blur and Oasis took their intended niche. To the melody added new texts in which themes of love and sex began to dominate social topics. In fact, of Pulp continuously evolved. Only for things like «Help The Aged», «Bar Italia» or «Something's Changed», it is necessary to learn English. Not surprisingly, in 2011, a collection of texts Jarvis Cocker was published in book form.

In 43 years, Jarvis decided to record solo albums, which were surprisingly successful. «Jarvis» and «Further Complications» ultimately deprive creative musician pride, replacing it with brilliance and humor.

The musician is not limited to these two projects, and many also know that Jarvis Cocker:

Was co-author of interesting top songs of 2017 lyrics of several artists, including Charlotte Henzbur and Air;
made many interesting covers from extremely delicate version «All Time High» Rita Coolidge (main theme «Octopussy» - the 13th James Bond film) to hit The Cars «Just What I Needed», which Jarvis performed at the Festival Reading 2011 together with Julian Kasablankasom of The Strokes;
was directed music videos such as surrealist «On» for Aphex Twin, and lit clips The Hives and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Sam Nick Cave - old friend Jarvis, as evidenced by two different covers for Nick «Disco 2000";

Created and performed three interesting top songs of 2017 for the film "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," which also appeared as frontman of The Weird Sisters, who performed at the Christmas ball at Hogwarts;

January 2010 is the author and presenter of the show "Sunday Service Jarvis Cocker" on BBC Radio 6 Music.
Sometimes Jarvis returns to Pulp. In 2011, the band announced a reunion, played concerts and spoke at a number of festivals around the world. At the end of 2012 which saw the song «After You», created back in 2001, but overwritten and altered to become a gift for fans of Pulp for Christmas.

2. Demon Religion

"I'm not Jesus, but I have the same initials."

In 1996, the awards BRIT Awards was an event that was not related to the work of Jarvis Cocker, but was forever inscribed in his biography. During the performance of Michael Jackson Jarvis burst onto the scene in protest against then-Jackson scandal and abuse of children. Of course the musician was arrested. In an interview after Jarvis admitted that his irritating manner of Michael Jackson pose with Jesus himself. Thus Jarvis added: "But I am not a religious person." For the musician, brought up in an atheistic environment, traditional religion has always kennel meaningless limiting ritual that does not connected with the rest of life.

Active political position and skepticism are not allowed Jarvis silent during the detention of girls from Pussy Riot. In August 2012 the Times newspaper received an open letter to Vladimir Putin that included the words "dissent - a right in any democracy, and the threat of seven years in prison because of absurd charges of" hooliganism motivated by religious hatred "is totally disproportionate ". Among other names in the letter was the signature Jarvis Cocker.

3 Demon . Policy

"The Conservative government is necessary. He has no good alternative. "

Unlike other musicians Jarvis always loved to speak publicly about politics. He always supported the Conservatives, but acknowledged that they are simply the only healthy alternative in modern Britain. Another interesting fact is that my mother is a musician conservative advisor - a person who is responsible for political work in a particular area.

Despite their loyalty to the modern system, musician does not hesitate to criticize those in power at the first all cases. First went the previous Prime Minister "Gordon Brown terribly boring. I have campaigned for the revolution. " Then, when Jarvis was millstones and successor Brown, David Cameron. During an interview for the Guardian musician asked the prime minister to explain his "too abstract financial ideas." In response Cameron spoke pretty insulting, noting that saw Jarvis showed naked ass on stage during his famous antics at the ceremony BRIT Awards. Jarvis said that he felt incredible relief. Considering the fact that his back that day no one on stage, unfortunately, not seen, it is clear that the prime minister - a liar, therefore, his words about the importance derivatives are not.

Subject policy differently reflected in interesting top songs of 2017 Pulp: «Cocaine Socialism» make fun of powers, and «The day after the revolution» inspires change.

Demon 4 . Women

"I tend to write about things more , than they actually do that, it seems, is good news for women."

Jarvis's father left the family when the boy was seven. Since then, by his own admission musician increase women gave him to become what he is today. Since childhood Cocker wondered what women think. Trying to solve this mystery, he created a interesting top songs of 2017 that hits the hearts of women all over the world. In many of his works can be found Jarvis ridicule the behavior of women in a relationship or calls to change it. To knock heads with rubbish and gaining self-esteem, especially in teens, girls recommended playlist with tracks «Razzmatazz», «Have You Seen Her Lately?» And «Do not Let Him Waste Your Time».

Demon 5 . Sex

"I always thought that maybe zvilnyusya from any form of sexuality for 40 years and a state respected old man."

For the uninformed people how to awkward, thin, bespectacled man breath tens of thousands of women have some phenomenon. But if you look closely, it becomes immediately clear. Jarvis sings about sex: straightforward, openly and in detail. This openness makes first blush, even if you listen to Pulp alone. Then you smile when you hear something new on the same topic. And then you realize that the only way properly.

For special moments, and depending on your tastes, it is recommended to choose between «The Birds in Your Garden», «Underwear», «Live Bed Show» and «This Is Hardcore». The interesting top songs of 2017 listed in order of increasing hitovosti.

February 2, 2013 was held today at the last performance of Pulp. But knowing Jarvis, we are confident that the group will return. At the same time musician himself, it seems, is not going to stop, and the site Songkick not stop sending delicious announcements about Jarvis performances at various shows and concerts. Therefore remain or go immediately to the countries mentioned in the news, or expect that one of these announcements will be native word «Kyiv».